Keeping the curve flat, having gone through so much

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Late in 1990, when Paul Kagame was hiding on the Congolese side of the Virunga Mountains preparing to invade Rwanda, his army, the Rwandan Patriotic Front, were not the only formidable inhabitants of that densely forested volcanic range. The Virunga are also home to mountain gorillas. Soldiers are notoriously trigger happy when it comes to wildlife, but Mr Kagame ordered his men not to shoot the apes. “They will be valuable one day,” he said.

(Tony Goldberg, virologist, School of Veterinary Medicine)

## ## There is no test fairy. Keeping the curve flat, having gone through so much pain to flatten it, is going to require a level of infection reconnaissance we don’t yet know how to achieve. But he said “significant caution is warranted” because the data was not collected randomly. The vast majority of SARS CoV 2 genomes in online databases come from Europe and North America, meaning strains from these regions are overrepresented in research

University of Wisconsin virologist Thomas Friedrich,who has spent years studying the evolution and transmission of the Zika virus, said a virus that makes its way into a highly susceptible population for example, Europe in January will spread like wildfire, quickly becoming the dominant strain in the region

Report AdvertisementWe do not know what will happen on the Korean peninsula if Kim Jong un should die suddenly, but we do know that the American response will be hampered by erratic executive leadership, intense political partisanship, a contracting economy, an antagonistic relationship with China, and a strained relationship with South Korea. For all these reasons, the United States is in its weakest position in decades to handle such a crisis. Fields is currently the associate director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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